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Design Laminates present the best of European design with ABET LAMINATI high pressure laminate. ABET LAMINATI is Europe’s largest laminate manufacturer (180,000m2 per day) and for over 50 years has lead the market in producing new and exciting design concepts using the best European designers and Italy’s manufacturing expertise.

Design Laminates is also the New Zealand distributor of Marblo®, an innovative polymer-based hybrid solid surface material invented in 1979, and manufactured in Australia and Asia. Marblo® produce traditional solid surface material as well as a unique translucent polymer product that can be made in any colour and size.

Polaris: Revolutionairy new laminate


Revolutionary new laminate. Polaris is smooth and velvety to the touch, and its surface features are truly extraordinary: it is highly resistant to scratches and heat, as well as being anti-fingerprint.

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Striking surface solutions using Abet Laminati.

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