Paola Navone

ABET LAMINATI Laminate Designer Selection

Paola Navone is the exception on the Italian design scene. For the past thirty years she has been a welcome feature of the otherwise male-dominated Italian design elite. In the 80s, Navone was active in the avant-garde design movements Alchimia and Memphis.

Paola's portfolio includes a broad spectrum of products, from china, clothing and beds to fabrics, lamps and jewellery, plus interior design work for showrooms and exhibitions. Her client list is full of famous names: Armani, Knoll International, Natuzzi, Alessi, Driade, ABET LAMINATI and Molteni are but a few examples.

For several years Paola has operated as design Director for ABET LAMINATI and is responsible for Silver and the Serigrafia 08 Collection.


Serigrafia 08 Collection by Paola Navone

There are 16 striking pieces of Serigrafia graphic design reproduced in high pressure laminate - 4 colour variations of 4 patterns. These 4 large patterns are based on Ivy, Snowflakes, Warhol-like Hibiscus and Brocade. They are presented in "longline" - a raised stringlike texture that softens reflected light and highlights the brilliant colours.

ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 1ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 2ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 3ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 4ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 5ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 6ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 7ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 8ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 9ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 10ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 11ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 12ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 13ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 14ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 15ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 16

Because of the scale of the patterns, conventional sampling is impossible, so we have attempted to show the design and scale in a setting on a printed page (view pdf here - also showcase at the top of this page), with larger 400 x 400mm samples available on loan. Contact us if you wish to view a sample.

Download PDFs:

Serigrafia 08 (Paola Navone) swatches as above > (printable)
Serigrafia 08 (Paola Navone) example settings showing scale > (printable)
Serigrafia 08 (Paola Navone) sample booklet > (large samples low resolution)


Silver Collection by Paola Navone (Drops)

Mirror-effect metallic surfaces. A delicate ethereal almost "virtual" texture remminiscent of holograms.

ABET LAMINATI Serigrafia 1

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