Tefor® Recycled Laminate

ABET LAMINATI's first recyclable and recycled surfacing material is Tefor® - an alloy of manufacturing wastes of high pressure laminates and chemically inert polypropylene. Tefor® can be used for a host of interior light duty, design-driven applications including retail shelving, backsplashes and vertical cladding.

  • Tefor® is both 100% recycled and recyclable.
  • Tefor® is a decorative surfacing material made from recycled polypropylene and the waste generated from the manufacturing process.
  • The composition of these materials gives Tefor® high impact, chemical resistance and other favorable properties.
  • Tefor® has a chemical composition that offers resistance to water absorption with clear advantages in moist environments.
  • Tefor® has also been successfully laminated to both fabrics and plastics.

At Deslam we have 6 colours available.