Marblo® Solid Surface is a hybrid polymer solid surface material that has been manufactured in Australia for over 30 years and has many of Australia’s major corporations as clients.

Marblo® solid surface materials are truly innovative - from plain solid colours for laboratory tops, to speckled sheets for kitchen counters, to Opal Series translucent materials for reception counters, to the Pearl Series for back-lit bar fronts. The unique translucent or opaque panels can be lit from the back or the side to create a gently glowing surface with an eye catching diffused luminescence.

Marblo® Solid Surface panels can be made in an unlimited variety of sizes and colours and are easily worked with normal wood working tools and machinery. Marblo® sheets can be joined seamlessly with matching adhesive and can also be thermo-formed providing limitless design possibilities. Marblo® strive to meet the needs of commercial and domestic clients alike.

Marblo® also have a range of pre-finished decorative panels, known as the “Nature Collection”, featuring translucent artificial stone sheets. Their traditional solid surface can also be chemical and fire resistant if required.

Marblo® is a registered Trade Mark of Marblo(Holdings) Pty Ltd.

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