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Deslam - Design Laminates 2007 Ltd

Design Laminates Ltd was formed over 25 years ago to market and distribute ABET LAMINATI high pressure laminate (hpl) in New Zealand. The business was sold to Interion in 2003, but in 2007, Graeme Trass who was managing director of the original company, formed Design Laminates 2007 Ltd, known as Deslam, and the new company is once again the official distributor.


ABET LAMINATI is Europe’s largest laminate manufacturer and for over 50 years have utilised the world’s best designers to bring exceptional colours, textures and designs to architects and designers. Design Laminates present over 450 stunning high pressure laminates from Abet.

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Design Laminates has a distribution facility in Mt Wellington, Auckland and draws product from Abet’s warehouses in Sydney.

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